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2021 Street Maintenance Projects

This program is funded in part by Motor Fuel Taxes received by the village from the State of Illinois.  The MFT funds are distributed on a per capita basis.  Pavement rehabilitation will consist of a combination of full-depth pavement removal and replacement or grind and overlay. 

The 2021 MFT Street Maintenance Project was let on February 12 and bids were opened on February 25, 2021. Of the three bids received, Peter Baker & Son, Co. of Green Oaks, IL submitted the low bid in the amount of $ $859,208.00 for the Base Bid. The 2021 MFT Street Maintenance Project was approved by the Village Board on March 25, 2021.

The streets to be rehabilitated are as follows

  • Evergreen Ave Blossom – North Dead End
  • Metropolitan Ave York House – North Dead End
  • Frolic Ave Blossom – York House
  • Northern Ave Dorothy – York House
  • Dorothy St West Village Limit – Northern
  • Eastwood Rd Northern – West Dead End
  • Eastwood Rd Evergreen – West Dead End
  • Blossom St Green Bay – Frolic
  • Blossom St W of Metropolitan – McAree
  • Harper Ave Howard – Edgewood
  • Edgewood Rd West Village Limit – New York