Does Beach Park have a Park?
Yes, Founders Park located at 10385 Beach Road.

What are the hours for the Village Hall?
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.  We are closed for government holidays. This information can also be found on the Contact Us page. The Village Calendar also contains specific dates we are closed.

Does the Village have the applications for Person with Disabilities Parking Placard?
Yes, you can pick up the application at the Village Hall. This application is taken to your doctor's office to be filled out and turned in. The placard comes directly to you in the mail from the Secretary of State.

What are Adjudication Hearings?
These hearings are an extension of the 19th Judicial Court System. Municipalities hold Hearings for local property maintenance and non-moving violation tickets.

How do I find jobs with the Village?
Please contact us at 847-746-1770. You may also check for open positions on the Employment page.

Code Enforcement

What to do if you find a stray cat?
The Village of Beach Park recommends contacting Spay and Stay for free-roaming and/or abandoned domestic cats in our area. Spay and Stay uses a humane technique called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to control and reduce the population of unaltered cats. Call 847-289-4557 for more information or visit the Spay and Stay website.

Does Beach Park have a leash requirement?
Yes, please see Ordinance 06.06.120 - Dogs, Cats and Other Animals Running at Large Prohibited.

Can I park my vehicle on the roadway?
Please see Ordinance 10.08.010 - General Prohibitions.

Is there an Ordinance regarding parking after snowfall?
Yes, see Ordinance 10.08.050 - Parking After Snowfall.

Is there a noise Ordinance?
Yes, please see Ordinance 09.04 - Offenses Against the Public Peace.

Is there a barking animal Ordinance?
Yes, please see Ordinance 06.06.250 - Barking or Howling Dogs and 09.04.130 - Allowing Animal to Disturb Peace.

Is burning allowed in Beach Park and if so, what are the restrictions?
Yes, please click here for more information on Leaf and Landscape Burning Regulations.

If I have a skunk under my deck, what should I do?
You can contact Animals R Us at 847-602-7226 or the Lake County Wildlife Center at 847-949-5655.

If there is a stray dog running lose in my neighborhood, what should I do?
During regular business hours, call the Village Hall at 847-746-1770 and after hours, call the Lake County Sheriff Department non emergency number at 847-549-5200.

What are the curfew hours in Beach Park?
Sunday through Thursday, 11:00 pm; Friday and Saturday, midnight.

Is there an Ordinance regarding my neighbors sump pump flooding my yard?
Yes, please see Ordinance 08.12.240 - Nuisance Conditions.

Is there a limit to the number of animals I can have in Beach Park?
Yes, please see Ordinance 06.06.280 - Limits on Number of Domestic Dogs and Cats Allowed Per Parcel in Residential Areas and Multiple Pet Permits.

Do I need to be registered to solicit in the Village?
Yes, Please see Solicitor’s Registration Required.


In which legislative district is Beach Park?
The Village of Beach Park is in the 10th and 14th Congressional Dist / 30th and 31st Senatorial Dist / 60th and 61st Representative Dist / County Board Dist #2 and #4.

For specific Voting Booths, please refer to your Voter's Registration Card or contact the Lake County Clerk's office in Waukegan.


Can I park a commercial vehicle at my residence?
Commercial vehicles are not allowed in residential zoned districts. See Zoning Ordinance 09.08.05.

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