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For the convenience of our residents you may now pay your bill over the phone by calling 1-888-202-0827.  You will need your 10-digit account number.  If you do not have your account number when you are ready to make your payment, please call the Village Hall at 847-746-1770 and we would be happy to provide it to you. 


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The Village of Beach Park owns and operates its own waterworks system.  The Village purchases water from the City of Waukegan.  The water is obtained from Lake Michigan and processed at the City of Waukegan facility. 

Connection to the municipal water supply is required for any lot improved with a principal structure used for human habitation, that abuts, or for which the primary structure is within 200 feet of the Village waterworks system. Although, in 1994 when the water system was installed in Area 1, the Village allowed the owners of property in this area the choice of connecting to the water system or remaining on their wells, Village Ordinance 13.04.050 requires connection to the municipal water system at transfer of title of the property. Also, connection is required if at any time the existing well is in need of major repairs. See Ordinance 13.04.050, A4, for details. Application to the Beach Park water system is made at the Village Hall.

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Water Rates

For customers connected to the Beach Park water system: $8.54 per 1,000 gallons

For customers in the water service area but not connected to the water system: $60.00 per year (billed $5.00/monthly)

***If you have received something in the mail similar to this offering insurance for exterior water lines, be advised, the Village of Beach Park has no affiliation with any companies offering this service.

Sewer System

The Village of Beach Park owns and operates its own sewer system to convey sewage to the North Shore Water Reclamation District for treatment and disposal. The Village sewer system is not available throughout the Village. It is available within Area 1 and in the Heatherstone community. If you are not sure if your property has access to the sewer system, phones the Village Public Works Department. Per Village of Beach Park Ordinances 13.08.040 and 13.08.060, the owner of all houses, buildings, or properties used for human occupancy, employment, recreation, or other purposes situated within the Village and abutting on any street, alley, or right-of-way in which there is located a public sanitary sewer of the Village, is required to connect such facilities directly with the public sanitary sewer.

Sewer Rates

For customers connected to both the Beach Park sewer and water systems: $1.97 per 1,000 gallons

For customers in the sewer service area but not connected to the sewer system: $60.00 per year (billed $5.00/monthly)

For customers connected only to the sewer system: $173.04 per year (billed $14.42/monthly)

Customers located outside the Village of Beach Park but connected to Village sewers: $259.56 per year (billed $21.63/monthly)


Application to start new service can be made at the Village Hall. The billing cycle is for a 3-month period - August, November, February and May.

In an effort to promote timely water and sewer payments, a $25 fee will be assessed for any residences yellow tagged for water shut off.

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