Village of Beach Park public works trucks

The responsibilities of the Public Works Department include maintenance and repair of village infrastructure, property, and equipment.

The Public Works Department is comprised of a Director who provides direction to two divisions:

  • Streets
  • Utilities

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining Village infrastructure such as asphalt pavement, traffic control signs, streetlights, fleet maintenance, snow and ice control, and vegetation maintenance on village right-of-ways. The Streets Supervisor is Pat Spencer and he can be reached at 847-246-6065.

The Utilities Division is responsible for maintaining the sewer infrastructure, operating and maintaining the water distribution system, reading water meters, prepare utility bills and comply with IEPA requirements regarding water quality for residents. The Utilities Supervisor is Mike Bellefeuille and he can be reached at 847-246-6063.

Public Works also provides general building and custodial maintenance to the various buildings and sites owned by the village. 

It is a privilege to provide many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of those who visit, work or call Beach Park home. Please visit our page for project updates and general information about the services provided by the Public Works Department.

The 2021 MFT Street Maintenance Project was let on February 12 and bids were opened on February 25, 2021. Of the three bids received, Peter Baker & Son, Co. of Green Oaks, IL submitted the low bid in the amount of $ $859,208.00 for the Base Bid. The 2021 MFT Street Maintenance Project was approved by the Village Board on March 25, 2021.

The streets to be rehabilitated are as follows

  • Evergreen Ave Blossom – North Dead End
  • Metropolitan Ave York House – North Dead End
  • Frolic Ave Blossom – York House
  • Northern Ave Dorothy – York House
  • Dorothy St West Village Limit – Northern
  • Dorothy St Metropolitan – West Dead End
  • Eastwood Rd Northern – West Dead End
  • Eastwood Rd Evergreen – West Dead End
  • Blossom St Green Bay – Frolic
  • Blossom St W of Metropolitan – McAree