why beach park logo“Beach Park is an untapped, progressive,“Beach Park is an untapped, progressive,diverse suburban market, located halfway betweenChicago and Milwaukee that is ripe with opportunity.The community is diverse and unique, but most importantly?

Beach Park is a profitable place to do business.”


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Access to Customers

3,680 businesses and over 39,400 employees.

Over 129,700 residents, including 44,212 households.

Professional service firms, health care, manufacturing and logistics businesses.

1.5% annualized growth projected through 2010.

Located in fast-growing Northeastern Lake County on Lake Michigan.

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Over $527 million in retail demand potential - current supply is only $319 million (within 3 miles) -- retail sales leakage of $208 million per year.

Young and mobile primary and secondary trade area residents.

Strongest retail demand for full-service restaurants, sporting goods, home furnishings and building supplies -- currently going elsewhere!

Competitive lease rates and wide array of development-ready sites.

No municipal real estate taxes.

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Fantastic Retail Location

Larger household size.

Young and family-oriented.

Industrious urban fringe, cozy & comfortable and Main Street USA (Top 3 Tapestry profiles).

Average household net worth of $512,958.

Average home value of $213,212.

Average household income exceeds $70,400 per year.

Median age of 32.3.

Over 3600 businesses.

Total retail trade and food & drink demand exceeds supply by over $207 million a year.

why beach park business districts

New and Exciting Business Districts

Green Bay Road Business District.

Sheridan Road Business District.

Sheridan Road TIF District.

why beach park lake county

In Beautiful Lake County

Lake County was awarded a AAA rating from Standard & Poors. Only 40 counties out of 3000 in the US received that rating. In this exclusive group, Lake County placed 9th!

Our County Forest Preserve has acquired an additional 4500 acres of open space since 2000 for residential use, allowing future residents a guarantee of recreational land without worry of over-development of our beautiful resources.

Lake County's pro-business attitude assures good communication, support and action between the county and local municipalities.

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