Rental Inspections 

Beach Park has approximately 560 rental units, two-thirds of which are in single-family homes or duplexes.  The Village staff will be in contact with all registered rental property owners and tenants to schedule the inspection.

New 3-Year Rental Certificate

The rental program was changed slightly in June of 2021 to reward landlords for good maintenance.  Properties that perform well on the code compliance inspection will receive a three-year rental certificate.  Properties that have a substandard maintenance record will receive a one-year rental certificate.  An annual rental fee per unit is due regardless of whether a one-year or three-year certificate is issued.  

Pre-Inspection Checklist

If you manage a rental property, you can increase the chance of getting a three-year certificate by using the Village’s pre-inspection checklists. 

Interior Checklist:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. Replace the batteries, check the expiration date, and consider purchasing new 10-year devices*. Must be located: in mechanical room (or within 10 ft of units); in each bedroom; within 3 ft of stairways; on each level of structure; and within 15 ft of sleeping rooms. 
  • Dryer vent hose is not kinked.
  • Exit windows for rooms below grade.
  • No combustible items near dryer, furnace, or water heater.
  • Proper ventilation of furnace and water heater.
  • Toilet properly secured to floor.
  • Complete labels on circuit breaker panel.
  • Bathroom exhaust fans working; vent to exterior.
  • GFI outlets for kitchen counter, bathroom, and laundry area (make sure they work when tested)
  • Handrails secure on all stairways
  • Covers on all electrical boxes, outlets, and switches
  • General condition of home.
  • Short term rentals: fire evacuation plans, fire extinguishers, door locking instructions

* Smoke detectors with replaceable batteries will be prohibited starting in January 2023.  The new 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms will be required unless the home has hardwired smoke alarms or wireless interconnected alarms.

Exterior Checklist:

  • Window well covers in place and in good condition.
  • Screens in good condition.
  • Lights secure and working.
  • Address numbers minimum 4” in height are visible.
  • Handrails on stairways and decks.
  • GFI outlets for garage, shed, and exterior locations (make sure they work when tested)
  • Covers on all electrical boxes, outlets, and switches.
  • General condition of house (peeling paint, broken windows, roof, gutters)
  • General condition of property (junk or debris in yard, abandoned or inoperable vehicles, etc.)

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