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Businesses interested in moving to or relocating within in the Village of Beach Park can find available commercial and retail spaces by searching our online economic development/GIS-enhanced site selection engine (below).  Each listing includes a property specifications and contact information for the seller or leasing agent.  

If you own a commercial property and do not see it listed in the database, please give us a call and we will include your site in our database.

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LOCATION INFORMATION     Beach Park is a prime location for economic development, click here to see why.

The Economic Development Commission was created to act as an agent for the Village of Beach Park, for the purpose of development and redevelopment of three business districts, the Green Bay Rd Business District, Wadsworth Road Business District and the Sheridan Road Business District. The Economic Development Commission consists of nine members and a Chairperson appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Village Board.

The following is a list of benefits of a "Business District:"

  • Able to approve all development and redevelopment proposals in that district
  • To acquire, manage, convey or otherwise dispose of real & personal property
  • To apply for and accept capital grant and loans from the US and the State of IL, or any instrumentality of the US or the STATE
  • To borrow funds as it may be deemed necessary for the purpose of business district development and redevelopment
  • To enter into contract with any public or private agency or person
  • To sell, lease, trade or improve real property
  • To employ all such persons as may be necessary for the planning, administration and implementation of business district plans
  • To expend such public funds as may be necessary for the planning, execution and implementation of the business district plans
  • To establish by ordinance or resolution procedures for the planning, execution and implementation of business district plans

Read more about the proposed Tax Increment Financing areas in Beach Park:

Please download the following TIF Application required by the Village of Beach Park. 

Village of Beach Park Comprehensive Plan approved May 27, 2008

Chicago Metropolitan Planning Agency Planning Priorities Report for the Village of Beach Park

Economic Development is handled by the Village Administrator or the Community Development Director

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