The Village of Beach Park has created two business districts to encourage retail development. The business districts are located on Green Bay Road and Sheridan Road. See the map link included on this web page. Being located on major north-south roads through the village, each business district is ideally located for easy accessibility by village residents and persons passing through the village. In addition to the business districts, an Economic Development Commission has been appointed to act as an agent for the village for the purposes of development and redevelopment of retail businesses within the village.

Available Properties & Sites

Businesses interested in moving to or relocating within in the Village of Beach Park can find available commercial and retail spaces by searching our online economic development/GIS-enhanced site selection engine (below).  Each listing includes a property specifications and contact information for the seller or leasing agent.  
If you would like site selection assistance, please call Village Hall at 847-746-1770

 If you own a commercial property and do not see it listed in the database, please give us a call and we will include your site in our database.

Click the link below:

Available Properties & Sites

Traffic Count

The tables below show the average daily traffic counts on Green Bay Road, Wadsworth Road, Lewis Avenue and Sheridan Road for comparison purposes. As can be seen, at the present time Green Bay Road carries a significant volume of traffic in the vicinity of Wadsworth Road. This volume is expected to increase with the continued residential construction in the immediate vicinity. Green Bay Road carries a large number of commuters from Zion and southern Wisconsin to jobs further south in Lake County.

Green Bay Road

Route 173 13,400 11,200 24,600
Wadsworth 16,100 17,300 33,400
Yorkhouse 17,300 23,300 40,600
Grand 35,000 33,900 68,900


Sheridan Road

Route 173 17,600 22,000 39,600
Wadsworth 23,700 24,200 47,900
Beach 24,200 21,100 45,300
Grand 9,200 7,300 16,500
Yorkhouse 21,100 20,500 41,600


Lewis Avenue

Route 173 24,100 26,000 50,100
Wadsworth 26,400 28,400 54,800
Grand 40,000 40,000 80,000


Wadsworth Road

Highway 41 12,700 9,800 22,500
Greenbay 14,000 11,700 25,700
Lewis 8,900 14,000 22,900
Sheridan   8,900 8,900

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