Mayor John Hucker 3611 final-web

Welcome to Beach Park! 

I am pleased to report that the state of your Village government is healthy and secure.
• In April, the Village of Beach Park Board voted unanimously to approve a balanced budget for fiscal year 2019.
• Your Village government continues to operate successfully without a municipal property tax levy, even with the state reducing our share of income tax by 10%.
• Beach Park holds a Standard & Poor's AA Bond Rating – an indication of overall financial strength due to strong reserves and low debt.

Summer means home improvement projects, and here at home in Beach Park we have a lot going on.

• The Village is investing in the surface replacement of over 2.5 miles of Village streets this summer. This is in conjunction with ongoing in-house road patching and crack sealing efforts.

  • As part of our continued efforts to share costs, we are partnering with Lake County Stormwater Management for the maintenance of the south branch of Bull Creek. This work is essential to remove debris and control invasive vegetation to address flooding and drainage issues Village-wide. The cost-share partnership with Lake County Stormwater saved the Village 50% of the overall cost of this important project.
  • Again, utilizing local grant funding, such as the Stormwater Infrastructure Repair Fund (SIRF) cost-share program, we are going to be completing a significant drainage improvement in the Maplewood Manor/Greenbay Terrace subdivision. Phase 1 will begin this summer.
  • We are looking forward to working with IDOT on the realignment of Kenosha Road. This improvement consists of moving Kenosha Road to the north to improve the angle of the intersection with IL 131, installing traffic signals at the intersection, and constructing an appropriate roadway which can accommodate turn lanes.

On behalf of the staff and the Village Board, I want to thank you for your continued support. We have challenged our team at Village Hall to continue to streamline operations, seek out grants and alternative funding and continue to provide our residents with the highest level of customer service possible. As always, if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact us at Village Hall (847) 746-1770.

Your Mayor,
John Hucker