Garbage removal service began on Friday, June 6, 2014 and pick up will continue throughout the entire Village every Friday thereafter.  If Friday is a holiday then the pickup will be on Saturday.  Each household received a 95 gallon refuse toter and a 65 gallon recycling toter. Residents are able to select from three different bin sizes, depending on their individual household needs. The Village has allowed for a three week grace period for residents to amend their toter sizes and service level, at no cost. Residents may then change their service level once per year, at no cost. Any household wishing to change such service options should contact Advanced Disposal directly at 847/623-3870.  Residents will be billed directly by Advanced Disposal quarterly, with the first bill expected at the end of June.  

Since beginning our contract with Advanced Disposal and offering recycling services, we have seen our residents' recycling habits start to increase.  The benefits of recycling are not only environmental.  You may not be aware of it but the Village of Beach Park receives a quarterly payment for every ton of recycling that is collected.  Over 210 tons of recycling was collected in Beach Park the first quarter of 2017. What does that mean for the Village of Beach Park?  A profit of $1,176.80 that goes into our General Fund to help offset the cost of services provided to residents.  Thank you for your participation and keep up the good work!

Vacant homes have been exempted from the required garbage service. Please notify the Village of any vacant home status so they can be properly exempted. Another exemption is provided for “snowbirds” to temporarily suspend service for a period of not less than thirty days and no more than one hundred twenty.

Landscape/yard waste stickers are available at the Village Hall on Wadsworth Road, and various other retail locations.  If your old garbage bins were not picked up by your previous hauler, Advanced will pick up those bins.  If you have old containers you would like hauled away, put these out on Friday with a note that says “Please Remove”.  

In addition to the refuse, recycling, and landscape waste removal services provided for under this program, residents will benefit from annual Christmas tree removal and biannual free disposal at the Zion landfill. Also under this contract, the annual spring clean up will be held during the month of May.  The Village would like to thank you for your patience during this transition and most importantly, hopes residents will benefit from a higher level of service through the implementation of this new partnership with Advanced Disposal. For more information please contact Advanced Disposal or the Village of Beach Park.

***Advanced Disposal is closed on the following holidays: 

New Year's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas.  On the week of each of these holidays, garbage, recycling and yard waste collection will take place the Saturday after your normal Friday pickup.

Click here to view Advanced Disposal's Brochure in English and in Spanish

Click here to view Advanced Disposal flyer

*You can buy the landscape waste stickers for $2.65 each at either Village Hall or Ace Hardware located on Lewis Ave in Waukegan. 



pic               SWALCO Household Chemical Waste Collection for May, 2019

The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) will be offering a Household Chemical Waste (HCW) Collection event on Monday, May 27th at their Gurnee facility (1311 N. Estes Street). This free collection event offers residents the opportunity to dispose of residential chemical waste, including household chemicals and cleaners, medications, car chemicals and oil based paints. Appointments are required to ensure availability of personnel. For a list of what materials will be accepted or to schedule an appointment, see the SWALCO website,

 ***There is now an electronics dumpster for Beach Park residents located at our Public Works Facility located at 40185 Glendale Avenue.  Hours of operation:  8am-3pm, Mon-Fri.

 Interested in composting?  Watch this brief video for more information:  Do's and Don'ts of Food Composting