Sheridan Road Safety Improvements - The pavement of the new path and fence along Sheridan Rd is now complete.  The ADA crosswalk is in place as well.  Accommodations are being made to include two bus stops at the Beach & Sheridan Rd intersection providing a safe passage for people stepping off of the public transportation on to the now completed walking path. Pace bus service has also provided an agreement to Village staff, which is under review for the installation of shelters for these two stops, which would provide for resident protection from the elements while waiting for the bus.

Wadsworth Rd and Lewis Ave Intersection Improvement Information

A new cell tower has been erected behind the Village Hall.  This tower will take until summer to complete. 

Staff is continuing to work with a tower builder on a new cell tower to be built near Wadsworth & Green Bay Rd. Staff has proposed building the new 110’ tower just behind (west) of the new Speedway in the unimproved Ruth Ave. row, thus Village property. This tower is being built for Verizon network but will hold up to three more carriers in the future. This would be the third cell tower constructed on Village owned property in the last three years, with each generating approximately $20-25K per year.  

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 2018 Street Maintenance Projects

*Board Members, Staff and Engineers have identified the streets that will be resurfaced this year, they are as follows: 

Russell Ave (Beach - South End)

Geraghty Ave (Beach - South End)

Holdridge Ave (Beach - South end of Primary School)

Creek Ct., Liberty Ct & Sonlight Ct (All)

Loyola Ave (Beach - Edgewood)

Wilson Ave (Beach - Howard/Edgewood, south of Edgewood)

Howard St (Wilson - Loyola)

*Post cards will be mailed to the surrounding property owners with more information as we get closer to the project start date.