Beach Park has been pursuing pedestrian facilities along Sheridan Road for a few years, with a sincere effort to fund and construct a safe crosswalk in light of the fatality in October 2015.  Yesterday’s pedestrian fatality renews the Village’s push for review and approval expediency from IDOT so that we may create a safe Beach Park community.  For more details, click on this link to our Construction Page

Attached is a link to the Lake County Forest Preserve for information regarding controlled burns in our area.

Lyons Woods Forest Preserve Habitat Restoration Information

For a list of sites, visit the Swalco website for this and more information regarding recycling alternatives.

Please keep in mind that the Village requires a Special Event Permit for any type of event on your property that requires a special use such as a tent onsite or special parking request. 

ALL PERMITS ARE REQUIRED TO BE APPLIED FOR 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE.  If you are unsure whether your event requires a permit, please contact the Village Hall at 847/746-1770.