If you missed our presentation on March 22nd and would like additional information, stop in at the Village Hall or visit the following websites:

Identitytheft.gov - File a report online if you think your identity has been compromised

Recovering from Identity Theft - This site includes steps to take to protect your identity as well as keeping your child's personal information safe!

Click on the link for information from the Lake County Sheriff's Department  PRESS RELEASE

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a number of burglaries that have taken place at vacant homes in the northeast portion of Lake County. For more information please see the attached PRESS RELEASE

If you see anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1

Beach Park has been pursuing pedestrian facilities along Sheridan Road for a few years, with a sincere effort to fund and construct a safe crosswalk in light of the fatality in October 2015.  Yesterday’s pedestrian fatality renews the Village’s push for review and approval expediency from IDOT so that we may create a safe Beach Park community.  For more details, click on this link to our Construction Page

Attached is a link to the Lake County Forest Preserve for information regarding controlled burns in our area.

Lyons Woods Forest Preserve Habitat Restoration Information

Please keep in mind that the Village requires a Special Event Permit for any type of event on your property that requires a special use such as a tent onsite or special parking request. 

ALL PERMITS ARE REQUIRED TO BE APPLIED FOR 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE.  If you are unsure whether your event requires a permit, please contact the Village Hall at 847/746-1770.