This new service covers garbage, recycling, and landscaping waste. Click here for more information about our new expanded garbage services or Click here to visit our Village refuse page. 

Attention Benton Township Seniors:  Every WEDNESDAY from 9am-1pm a station attendant will assist you by filling your tank at the following locations:

MARATHON STATION at Wadsworth & Green Bay in Beach Park

ANNA'S MARKETPLACE & CARWASH at Beach and Sheridan Road in Beach Park

MARATHON STATION at 9th Street and Sheridan Road in Winthrop Harbor

ANNA'S SHELL MARKETPLACE & CAR WASH at Rte 173 & Green Bay in Zion

Pick up your card at the Village Hall or Benton Township.  This card is good from November 1st through April 1st. 

We are now offering Direct Debit.  Click on the link to learn more...Direct Debit form

Direct Debit Cancellation Form

Does your teen need a work permit?  Please visit the Lake County Office of Regional Education's website for more information:

Lake County Office of Regional Education

In any residential district a temporary use permit shall be required for a home or garage sale.  Each permit shall be valid for a period of not more than four (4) days.  Not more than two (2) permits for a home or garage sale shall be issued for the same residence in one (1) calendar year, January 1 - December 31.

Please stop in at the Village Hall if you are planning on having a garage/rummage sale and get your permit.

If you have have any questions regarding this, please contact Donna Perez at 847/246-6006.

Guidelines For Cleanup After Flooding and Sewer Backups