The village is pleased to announce that this year's Street Improvement Program will address over 2.5 miles of street repair this year. This program is funded by Motor Fuel Taxes received by the village from the State of Illinois. The MFT funds are distributed on a per capita basis. Pavement rehabilitation will consist of a combination of full depth pavement removal and replacement or grind and overlay.

2019 Street Improvement Program
-27th Place (Adelphi - Bayonne)
-Green Ave/27th St (at 27th Place)
-Adelphi Avenue (27th Place - 27th Street)
-29th Street (Adelphi - Bayonne)
-29th Street (Adelphi - Green Bay)
-Maplewood Road (Adelphi - Green Ave)
-Green Ave (Maplewood - Major)
-Bayonne Ave (27th Place - 29th St)
-Fairbanks Ave (Griffin - Gilbert)
-Pickford Ave (Griffin - Gilbert)
-Gish Ave (Liberty - Chaney)
-Chaney Ave (West End - Gish)
-Gilbert Ave (Liberty - Pickford (N)
-Gilbert Ave (Pickford (S) - Hart)