The village is warning residents that the high winds, low temperatures and more snow predicted may cause unsafe conditions. Motorists should be prepared for high winds and colder temperatures persisting through the weekend, causing drifting and icing even on treated surfaces.

Gusty winds and low temperatures will create blowing and drifting, reducing visibility to whiteout conditions at times and limiting the effectiveness of salt. 

Motorists should expect slick conditions and remain extra cautious at all times. Tips if you must travel:

  • Fill up your gas tank and pack winter weather essentials such as a cellphone charger, warm clothes, blankets, food, water, first-aid kit, washer fluid and an ice scraper.
  • Check the forecast and make sure someone is aware of your travel route and schedule.
  • Use extra caution in areas susceptible to ice, including ramps, bridges, curves and shady areas.
  • Give plows plenty of room and don’t pass unnecessarily. Move over for emergency responders.
  • Always wear a seat belt. It’s the law and your best protection in the event of a crash.
  • If you are involved in a crash, remain inside your vehicle. Exiting your vehicle near a busy roadway can have fatal consequences.
  • Carry a cellphone and dial *999 in the Chicago area for assistance in case of emergency. Reminder: Using handheld phones while driving is illegal in Illinois, unless it is an emergency situation.

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