Important questions (and answers) about snow operations in the Village:

When should I move my car off the street?
Village parking restrictions are clearly marked on posted signs at primary village entrances. In addition to the restrictions outlined on the posted signs, parking restrictions go into effect as soon as plowing operations have started. Residents are strongly encouraged to move vehicles off the streets as soon as winter weather arrives, as the equipment often must pass between vehicles that are parked legally on the street. This creates a potential hazard for the winter maintenance equipment, and slows down the overall response of the winter maintenance program. Please watch the weather and move vehicles from the road as soon as possible during winter weather.

Why is snow pushed into my driveway by the plows? 
This is an unavoidable inconvenience. During periods of snow, plows will clear the roads moving from the ‘crown’ of the road (or middle of the road) toward the outside curb. Plowing activities will continue until all the snow has been removed from the road. During long snow events, this clearing may result in multiple plowing passes from the middle, all the way to the curb, and could result in large deposits along the road easement (or road edge) including driveway aprons.

Am I permitted to shovel or snow blow my driveway into the street?
No, residents who deposit snow into the road from their driveway or sidewalk assume liability in the case of an accident or injury resulting from this act. Residents are encouraged to shovel or snow blow driveway snow ‘downstream’ from the direction of traffic (to the right facing the road from the garage).

What should I do if a plow damages my mailbox?  Or my parkway? 
Public Works repairs or restores damage to parkways in the spring, following the end of the winter season. Damage to the parkway should be reported as soon as it is identified. Public Works repairs or replaces mailboxes and mailbox support posts that have been damaged by a ‘direct strike’ from the plow or plow vehicle. The department does not complete repairs caused by snow thrown from the plow. When purchasing a mailbox, sturdiness should be a consideration so that it can resist the force, weight and weep of snow caused by plows. No repairs or replacements will be completed on mailboxes or mailbox support posts that have been improperly installed. If a mailbox is in an unsatisfactory condition now, once the winter season approaches, and snow removal services are in full force, the conditions may only worsen. Please make sure your mailbox is up to code with a sufficiently supported post prior to the fast approaching winter season.

Why won’t the Village plow my sidewalk or my driveway?
The costs of such a program would be very prohibitive. Residents are expected to remove snow from their own driveways and sidewalks adjacent to their property so that pedestrians are not forced to walk in the street.

Why did the plow back up in my driveway?
When providing clearing services for dead end streets, this is a necessary maneuver as the plow drivers must operate the trucks safely and efficiently throughout our community.

Is Public Works responsible for winter maintenance on every road in Beach Park?
No. There are many roads throughout Beach Park that are maintained by agencies other than the Beach Park Public Works. State and county roads are each maintained by the jurisdictional agency. Problems or issues on these roads should be reported directly to the jurisdictional agency.

What should I do if it is my garbage day and plows are out clearing snow?
During winter maintenance activities, residents are strongly encouraged to place garbage and recycle cans back away from the curb, and inside the apron of the driveway so that blowing snow coming off the plow doesn’t knock the cans over. The closer the cans are placed to the curb, the greater the likelihood they will be knocked over during plowing operations.

Consider adopting a hydrant!
The village encourages residents to adopt a hydrant this winter by keeping the path around and to the hydrant clear of snow. The snow should be removed about three feet away from the hydrant in all directions, with a pathway cleared between the hydrant and the roadway, so local firefighters can access them readily. Thank you for your help – the home you save, may be your own!

What is the contact telephone number for Public Works if I have a question or a concern? 
During normal business hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 3:30 pm | 847-246-6061. 
After hours, weekends and on holidays: 847-549-5200 This is the non-emergency number to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.