Chipping is intended to provide a service to Village residents in the removal of incidental tree and brush debris resulting from damage due to storms and other natural causes.  In addition to storm damage debris, the Public Works department will pick up trimmings during the time frame of April 15th through May 15th and then again in the fall, October 15th through November 15th.

All debris to be chipped and removed by the Village should be placed on the street right-of-way by the property owner with the cut ends facing the road and spread out evenly along the parkway.  Branches must not be larger than 10 inches in diameter.  To facilitate timely pick-ups, the length of the limbs and branches should be left as long as possible.

Tangled piles of limbs or branches placed haphazardly will not be picked up.

The chipping of tree branches and brush shall be provided to the residents of Beach Park at no charge within these guidelines.

Chipping will be done on the basis of first come-first served and will be done as scheduling allows in the Public Works Department.

Chipping will be of trimmed branches not entire tree removals.

From time to time, chips will be available at the Public Works Facility for residents of the Village to pick up.  Residents must make their own arrangements to remove the chips from the Public Works property.  The Village of Beach Park assumes no liability for any damage which may occur to private property when removing debris as requested by the property owner.

Chipping will not be provided to persons removing trees, bushes etc.  A commercial source must be used when in the act of cleaning/clearing land. Please note that if you have a tree trimming or lawn service take down or trim up a tree, the service must provide removal of the debris.  The Village is not responsible for debris or tree trimmed branches left by a tree trimming or lawn service contractor.

Chipping does not include the pick up of lawn refuse, leaves, grass clippings, tree trunks and/or logs, etc.

All chipping requests must be made to the Public Works Department and any decision as to whether requested debris removal should be done; the decision will be made by Public Works.

Chipping Policy

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