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Remember: before you tackle that spring/summer/fall project, a permit is most likely required. In general a permit is required for any structural, plumbing, electrical, heating, or air-conditioning project. This includes the removal and replacement of any water heater, furnace, boiler, and air conditioning unit. It also includes basement remodeling/ finishing, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. The permit process is designed to help guide and protect you. The process adds an additional two sets of eyes to the project. Remodeling often involves a plan reviewer to review the contractor's proposal and inspection(s) during critical phases of your job. By reviewing the plans and inspecting the project, it helps prevents possible mistakes or oversight and provides a paper trail that can aid you in an insurance claim if the need arises.  The Village can also provide some feedback and protection against being taken advantage of by contractors.  The result is a job done safely. The Building Department can guide you through the permit process, so when in doubt, give the Building Department a call at 847-746-1770.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Inspections-  The Village of Beach Park performs a whole host of different types of inspections, including permit inspections, code enforcement inspections, and zoning certificate inspections.  The basis for all inspections is to ensure the safety and compliance to the benefit of all people who choose to reside in the Village.  Recently there has been a negative information campaign orchestrated by out of town realtors in an attempt to persuade the Village Elected Officials to eliminate our zoning certificate process which includes an exterior inspection.  They erroneously claim that the Village impedes the sales of properties, however this has never been demonstrated or actually occurred.  Our current pre-sale inspection process protects both the buyer and the seller of residential real estate transfers within the Village of Beach Park.  We do not charge a transfer tax nor require a transfer stamp, rather our inspection, similar to private inspection services, simply notes to the benefit of both parties deficiencies with the home as it is at the time of inspection.  Furthermore, the Village does not require the violations to be fixed by the buyer, rather we make both parties aware of these issues and encourage the property corrections be made within a reasonable time.  The Village has not and does not prevent the sale of any property because of the noted deficiencies.  Thank you for your continued support of protecting the quality of our housing stock in Beach Park.  For more information contact Village staff.          

Drainage and Grading Requirements      

Residential Replacement Requirements   

Dwelling Load Calculations

Protecting Yourself During Home Repairs
Please visit for the complete article published by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. You may also visit the Village’s webpage for information on common home repair scams.

Common Home Repair Scams
Complaints received by the Office of the Illinois Attorney General demonstrate that unscrupulous home repair contractors use some common techniques to gain the confidence of home owners. In general, consumers should beware when a home repair contractor:

  • contacts you or comes to your home uninvited;
  • tells you that you need to make repairs immediately or your safety may be in danger;
  • pressures you to sign papers today or talks too quickly, attempting to confuse you;
  • quotes a price that's out of line with other estimates;
  • offers to drive you to your bank to withdraw funds to pay for his or her work;
  • can be reached only by leaving messages with an answering service;
  • drives an unmarked vehicle or has out-of-state license plates; or
  • asks you to pay for the entire job up front.

Finding a Contractor
You should find out as much as you can about a contractor before hiring him or her. You can do this by calling the Illinois Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. Get written estimates from several firms—but don't automatically choose the lowest bidder. Ask the contractor if subcontractors will be used on the project. If yes, ask to meet them, and make sure they have current insurance coverage and licenses. Also ask them if this contractor has paid them on time in the past.

Contracts for Home Repair in Illinois
Before signing any home repair or remodeling contract over $1,000, a person engaging in the business of home repair and remodeling is required in Illinois to provide the customer with a copy of the "Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights" pamphlet.

Attention Contractors
Effective May 23, 2007 - All Permits for New Construction will be subject to*:

2006 International Building Code
2006 International Residential Code
2006 International Mechanical Code
2006 International Fuel Gas Code
2006 International Fire Code
2012 International Energy Code
2005 National Electric Code
2004 Illinois Plumbing Code
1997 Illinois Accessibility Code
2006 International Existing Building Code
2000 Life Safety Code 

         *With Amendments

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