Village staff will not seek electric aggregation

As many of you are aware through letters you received from ComEd, effective September of 2016 our electrical aggregation contract with Constellation ended and your electrical supplier will revert back to ComEd.  With the best interests of our residents in mind, the Village of Beach Park will not seek a new aggregation contract as ComEd's prices are lower than what the Village can offer you through an aggregation program.  

What is electrical aggregation?
August 10, 2009, Governor Quinn signed into law Public Act 096-0176, which allows municipalities to arrange for the provision of electricity to residential and small commercial retail customers by alternative electric suppliers (i.e. Suppliers other than ComEd). Under the new law, the Village of Beach Park may seek bids for the provision of aggregate electricity supply services to these customers, in hopes that the selected rate will be much lower than the standard rate offered by ComEd.

Electric aggregation is essentially buying in bulk to lower the per unit cost for all participants. Electricity aggregation combines the retail electric loads of multiple customers, in this case, more than four thousand customers. By combining the electrical loads, the Village of Beach Park can leverage its buying power to benefit Village residents and small businesses.

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